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Looking for the perfect place for your upcoming party? Congratulations! You made the right choice! Using is a great way to find the perfect party venue - whether that's a bar, club, pub, restaurant or boat - for your next big bash!

But how exactly does this website work?
We list hundreds of function rooms located in bars and pubs throughout Australia. You can browse all venues in a particular city using this website, look at current photos and pricing, and even contact the function manager directly online - for free!

Where are the function rooms?
Click one of the cities on our function rooms page to start browsing all options in that city. There are hundreds of licensed bars and pubs on offer, hopefully one will be ideal for your upcoming bash.

Too many options! How do I decide?
Not to worry! The venue list can be arranged to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for. You can filter by required number of guests, and sort by suburb or price - and the list will be arranged in relevant order.

But I don't even know what to look for?
That's okay, holding and organising a party can be overwhelming. Try taking a quick read of the party planning tips in our party guides, function tips and advice section to help you in ironing out the details of your event. We've got guides to help with picking the number of guests, food and drink preferences, party playlists and many other thoughts that you will have to consider in choosing your venue. These are short and easy reads with self-explanatory titles so you can read only those that interest you.

How do I know how the place looks like?
To save you from time consuming commutes between hundreds of venues to get the vibe, has included photos that allow you to get a picture of the overall ambience and space of each venue. You have the option to click on each venue and view the photos individually or click on the "Display venue list below with large photos" link at the upper left of the venue list to show all photos at once.

Can I contact the venue? I've got questions...
In each of the venue pages, you will find a form that allows you to directly contact the function room manager. There is no need to pick up the phone and call each venue one by one, just type in your name, e-mail address and phone number together with your message (everything from intended dates and times of your ideal reservations to particular requests). Once you have sent your query, the manager will be notified immediately and will be in touch with you right away.

There's no better reward than knowing that we've helping you find the perfect Melbourne party venue.

More advice! STAT!
We've got more, free party planning articles to help you plan your next get together!

Where are the venues?
Click any of the city links below to get started comparing venues for your next party.


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