Hosting a Fundraising Event in a Bar

Raise awareness and cash flow whilst raisin' the roof!

An increasing number of people are appreciating the availability and simplicity of fundraising in a licensed venue. And really, who wouldn't? It's doing something great for a cause and having fun at the same time!

Soliciting money or cash pledges is never an easy task! Asking someone to support a campaign, and make a financial contribution, requires a lot of conviction and charm - and still might not get the intended results. That is why hosting a fundraising event at a nightlife venue is becoming a consistent choice for many.

Bars and pubs are the best places to party, drink, interact and meet with others. A relaxed setting allows people to easily absorb your message, and after a few drinks, can help loosen them up and liberate the cash in their wallets (to a good cause!) as they party the night away.

Imagine offering your supporters a great party and meeting your awareness and fundraising objectives at the same time - show up to a party, have a few drinks, dance the robot or Melbourne shuffle and give support to a great cause. Who could turn that offer down?

There are many ways to pump up your resources as you organise a bar fundraiser:

Support Your Cause
  • Entrance fee or Cover charge. Many bars charge it, and they're just putting it in their pocket. If you're planning a big turnout, put someone on the door - most bars will allow you to keep a majority of the cover fee if you've got adequate promotions and or confirmed attendence. If you think it's a bit much, or you're considering charging a higher cost entry, consider giving guests a voucher for a cocktail (or a tequila shot!) and serve up finger foods (like nachos). You can pre-organise a lot of these items with the bar, and what might cost you only $5-6 could offer percieved value of $25 to those supporting your cause. This idea can be used for many different types of fundraising activites, whether they be charitable, political, or somewhere inbetween.

  • Happiness Kickbacks. Why stop people from ordering delicious meals when the kitchen is there? How about fancy drinks? Aside from the cover charge, you can often negotiate a percentage of the sales of every food item or drink (especialy higher end drinks) your guests decide on..

  • Make it Fun. What's the best way to make your guests stay at the bar and purchase more items that assist your fundraising efforts? Make it fun! Prepare a program that suits your guests - know if they prefer sitting and lounging or dancing, if they like live music, if they like dressing up, etc.

  • Good Performers are Gold. Find crowd pleasing performers who believe in what you stand for. They may be bands, solo artists, disc jockeys or stand-up comedians (depending on the preference of your attendees). If they really support your cause, they might perform for free or give a discounted rate from their usual charges. It also helps sell the event if you can pre-announce a few good performances for your night.

  • Sell Product Merchandise. Have a booth where you market and trade products supporting your cause. A fund raising to save mother earth may include selling recycled bags and t-shirts with your message to your attendees.

Apply all of the above or just pick one or two. But over and above, your party has to stand out and create an impact to your supporters and urge more people into passionate advocacy of your cause. Selecting the right venue is a good start.

Make it fun and your supporters will always want to try and help you out in the future!

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