Party Planning Guides

Tips to make your next celebration event a big success!


Choosing the Venue
For when flipping a coin isn't helping.

12 December 2009
Party Playlist Suggestions
Hand-selected party playlists filled with daggy dance anthems, old school rock and some newer beats - all to help you get the Melbourne shuffle happening sooner!

18 February 2010, updated 12 May 2021
Blast from the Past: Hit Songs By Year
Fill out your custom birthday playlists with the top ten hit songs from every year throughout the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and naughties ('00s)!

Budget Party Celebrations
Lower costs need not mean any less fun.

Giving A Birthday Speech
Prepare to give a great birthday speech.

15 November 2009
What Kind of Party Host Are You?
Simple steps to take the stress out of party planning

Hosting a Fundraising Event in a Bar
Raise awareness and cash flow whilst raisin' the roof!

22 July 2010
Deciding Who to Invite
Throwing a party can be expensive, and not everyone can afford to invite everyone they know...

23 August 2010
Venue Variations
Know your options and choose what suits you.

18 September 2011
Office Party Planning
The 101 on how to avoid workplace function disasters!

24 July 2011
Combination Parties
Multiply the fun, lessen the cost!

2 April 2010
Last Minute Birthdays
If you've got a big birthday coming up and you haven't planned a proper celebration, why not just give everyone a shout...

13 June 2011
Give Back At Your Birthday Party
Ways to give back on your birthday.

3 August 2012
Popular Parties Throughout History
What have been the biggest parties over time?

12 March 2012
Birthday Cake History
The why and whens of celebatory sweets.

26 November 2009
Organise Your Workplace's Christmas Party
Warning: May Cause Office Romances and Water-cooler Gossip

20 February 2011
Perks of party booking online
Finding the right venue made easier.

25 October 2010
Compare party venues online
Online search for function rooms.


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