Shared Parties

Multiply the fun, lessen the cost!

Value for money is what everyone wants when it comes to holding birthday parties. While birthdays are the best time to share blessings and joy with all the people who matter, it is still wise and practical to keep party expenses low. What else could be more fun and cost-friendly than having a combination party?

Same Birth-month
This is common among friends whose birthdays fall on the same month. Especially for the young ones who still depend on their allowances, hosting a birthday party with friends will allow celebrants to make the most of their spending capability. More birthday celebrants means doubling or tripling the budget for the party. Since you're co-celebrants are your friends, you have common people you want to celebrate with. Why go solo and be redundant when you can do it together in one fabulous birthday party?

Parent and Child
I have attended this unique birthday party celebration where it was the mother's 50th birthday and the daughter's 18th birthday. Apart from the fact that it was a practical way to celebrate, the party was made extra special - from the embellishment, foods and drinks and most especially the choice of venue. If they celebrated two separate parties, maybe it could not have been that extraordinary. I also liked the mother-daughter bond felt all throughout the party since it was a tandem of their efforts and ideas and also because of the presence of the people dear to both of them.

Many Reasons to Celebrate
Celebration is not just for birthdays but also for other joyous occasions such as graduations and anniversaries. It is both smart and equally exciting to celebrate all these in one party. Imagine gathering together people close to the birthday celebrant, school mates of the graduate, colleagues of the couple celebrating an anniversary and their families. That sure is a big crowd and would require one big venue which is still reasonably priced as compared to holding three separate parties. The party can get even more interesting with unique elements put together - mobile bar for the young ones and ballroom dancing for the not so young can be a good combination.

If you plan to hold combination parties, you would most likely need spacious venues. In addition, the venue should have a "universal" feel so that it suits both participants and their guests (which could be people from a variety of ages).

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