Popular Parties Throughout History

Our guide to the craziest parties of our times

Not a month goes by without some party planner claiming to be holding the party of the year, decade, or even century... But are we really having more of a blast today than ever before? We're certainly more technologically advanced than one hundred years ago (we now have jager bombs and beer in plastic cups!), but despite all these advances, our forefathers still knew how to get down and dirty in their era.

Today, we'll take you back to the nastiest and craziest parties that went down in history. Here are some of the parties that we wish we could have been part of, parties that defined generations. Parties where many may have suffered a bit of remorse the next morning, the kind of parties where a whole city wakes up with a hangover.

Russian Victory Day
One of the most memorable parties to date was when the Nazis finally surrendered in the Second World War, and the Russians celebrated this triumphant moment with gusto. Upon hearing the news that the Soviets had just won the war for survival against Germany, they partied like there was no tomorrow. At 1:10 am on May 9, 1945, the official invitation for the largest spur-of�the-moment event in history was announced on Radio Moscow (which puts all modern day flashmobs to shame!).

Thousands of people immediately went into the streets (even dressed in their night clothes) and turned one of the largest cities on the planet into a vodka fest! By May 10, there was no more vodka available: the Russians had drunk their country dry!

"...I was lucky to buy a liter of vodka at the train station when I arrived, because it was impossible to buy any later. We celebrated Victory Day with our families, landlords and neighbors. We drank to the victory and to those killed, wishing to never see such a massacre again. There was no vodka in Moscow on May 10, we drank it all."

Henry VIII of England vs. Francis I of France: Something luxurious and outrageous
You know something preposterous is about to happen when two nobles, Henry VIII and Francis I decided to empty their keg of national treasuries to beat each other in a three week circus of luxury, over indulgence and outright decadence.

Archery contests, flowing fountain of wine and music filled the festivity. Each king tried to outshine the other, with dazzling tents and clothes, huge feasts, music, jousting, and games. The tents and the costumes displayed so much cloth of gold, an expensive fabric woven with silk and gold thread, that the site of the meeting was named after it.

But what allegedly completed the whole event (which, we must remind you, lasted THREE... WEEKS!) was when the two monarchs decided to go against each other on a wrestling match. Just when you think things are fine and dandy, things started to get out of hand, and that instantly brought the legendary party to an end.

Alexander the Great's Not So Great Drunken Idea
When Alexander finally captured Persepolis, he and his Macedonian soldiers decided to throw a party. It was one of the most consequential parties, or "symposium", and we can only assume a lot of alcohol was being drunk and a lot of rowdy behaviour was the norm.

Alexander, known as an 'emotional drunk,' decided (after a few too many, perhaps?) to avenge Greece and put the city on fire! Which was announced with the dramatic effect of smashing a wine bottle on his own head. (Classy!)

Some things only make sense when you're drunk, and for whatever reason, Alexander started destroying the city he'd marched to the end of the world to conquer! The quest got too far that the next day, not only was Alexander suffering from a massive hangover, everything he had won was destroyed. That's got to hurt!

There have been some pretty wild parties over the years, but yours doesn't have to be quite that crazy. How about you select a few close friends and family and pick a birthday venue that will make an eventful (but not too eventful!) night to remember. Party safe, people!

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