Deciding Who to Invite

Guestlist planning and ettiquite

Throwing a party can be expensive, and not everyone can afford to invite everyone they know. So here are tips to help you narrow down your list, keep your credit card bill from spiraling out of control and still have an awesome time.

Find out how many people you can afford to invite
This is one of the most important factors to consider when throwing a party, especially if budget is an issue. Think about the size of your party venue, and how many people it can comfortably accommodate. Having too many people at your party may cramp the venue and limit the activity you can do. If you're not planning on inviting your friends or your family, discuss this with them, to avoid ill feelings. Most good friends or family will understand if you're on a budget, and you can always make plans to catch up another time for a coffee.

You can opt to eliminate those you think will only cause trouble
Troublemakers are the biggest party poopers. If you don't have the heart not to invite them, talk to those who have the tendency to create conflicts at your party, and tell them that they will be asked to leave if they cause any drama. This is especially important if some people on your invite list have conflicts with one another.

Only invite people you like and don't invite anyone that doesn't like you
It's your party, and you can choose to spend it with the people that really matter to you. Don't feel you need to organise everyone, especially if there are personal conflicts.

Avoid giving out invitations in front of people whom you can't invite
Try not to make anyone feel left out. Avoid upsetting them by handing out your invites in front of them.

Offering for a "plus one" is not required
Your close friends will understand if you need to limit your guest and they can't bring a date to your party.

With these tips, hopefully you're ready to create your invite list for your next party!

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