Venue Variations

Know your options and choose what suits you

Among the many party venues out there, which one will really suit your needs? Below are a few points that will help you differentiate each venue from each other, helping you to make the right choice for your next party. Find time to explore all the venues you think could suit your needs and review what each has to offer by checking online (we recommend our website for this, but it's up to you!). From there, to save time and effort, you can select a few, fire off a few free messages to function venue managers and hopefully pick the right one!

Some venues set a limit on the number of guests while others can flexibly accommodate either a handful or a big crowd. Determining the right venue based on its capacity requires for you to know your expected number of guests. For small gatherings, venues that offer an intimate sit-down function for 20 to 50 people would do. If you want a full-blown action-packed party for dining, dancing and drinking, choose a place that can serve more than 100 guests.

The available facilities are important especially if you have activities in mind. A venue that has a piano in place is good for a group who just wants to enjoy a relaxed dinner. A party room with a live-band or DJ music mix combined with a lounge bar offers a livelier feel for both drinking and dancing. Having a sound system with a projector set up make way for speeches or playing of tribute videos.

This should work hand-in-hand with the purpose of your celebration. If it�s an after-work dinner where you and your friends want to escape from the long day, restaurants that offer relaxing waterfront or city views will do. For business events such as conferences, meetings or seminars, venues with a modern and comfortable vibe offer a perfect balance of calmness and professionalism.

Some venues offer uniquely designed and structured rooms for themed parties. These are evident in the tones and design of the walls, furniture and decorations. Examples would be continental themes like Oriental or Victorian, playing with colors like a White Wall party or Hot Red event, play with elements like Warm Earthy feel characterized by timber flooring and a fire place or Arctic Adventure with ice sculptures embellishment.

Lots of venues offer an eclectic collection of local and imported, classic and contemporary beverages that can cater to beer lovers, cocktail hussies, vodka shooters and wine swillers. Some venues are famous for their notable house infusions of gin, rum, whiskey and many more. For convenient serving of drinks, there is also an option to have a mobile bar. Food serving varies from basis finger food platters to mini banquets. You can either have the standard menu or request for customized dishes to suit your personal taste.

With these variables in mind, you should be able to pick the perfect venue your next party!

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