Budget Party Celebrations

Lower costs need not mean any less fun

There's nothing quite like the memories of celebrating life's biggest milestones - and a great party will never be forgotten. However, throwing a big birthday bash can cost serious bucks!

So how do you throw a birthday bash without going overboard with the budget? Here are some ideas...

Cheaper Party Suggestions
  • Bring Out the Piggy Bank. Months ahead from the big day you can start saving for it. Figure out exactly how much you will need, divide the total by the number of paychecks you'll be getting prior to your party and start putting that money away each payday. The earlier you start saving the better, and if it would help keep your hands off it, you can open a separate savings account.

    Having a party fund saved up will keep you away from using credit card, which saves you from interest charges too.

  • Forget Snail Mail. Instead of spending money on postage and printing, why not send your invitations via email? There's no limit as to what you can do with e-vites. You can make it as colorful or fancy as you want without touching your budget.

    In case you can't channel your creative mojo, just type "email invite ideas" into your favourite search engine and you can choose from a bunch of websites offering free invitation designs. Some online invitation sites will even help you manage your responses!

  • Piece Of Cake. You have to make sure that your guests will have enough to nibble on during your party. It would be nice if you could bring in a homemade casserole, but most venues won't allow you to bring in any type of food besides a cake. What you can do is bring in a big cake or ask some your close buddies to bring one or two extra cakes.

  • Limit the Free Flow of Alcohol. One way to stick to a budget is to set limits. If you're hosting a bar party, you can often arrange a bar tab (credit for drinks) or a set period of paid drinks. Bars normally have reasonable package prices for this when you're booking a space and bringing quite a few friends and family along.

    If after the bar tab has run out, and your friends are still in a party mood, they can buy their own drinks. Don't worry, if your guests are having fun, they won't mind paying their own way.

  • Midday party? Why not! Some venues offer hefty discounts if you book your party for non-peak hours. Brunch or lunch meals are usually less expensive than dinner. Oh, and since people don't generally get plastered at midday, you'll save on alcohol costs too.

These are sure way to save you some moolah next time you throw a big birthday bash - I hope you can't wait to try 'em out.

By the way, if you know your number of guests, you can easily get an updated listing of all the venues that can accommodate your budget by clicking through to our venues page!

Smile at your party - smiles are free, but priceless!

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