What Kind of Party Host Are You?

Simple steps to take the stress out of party planning

I stumbled upon a quiz called "What Kind of Hostess Are You?" on Martha Stewart's website. After taking the quiz you'll find out whether you're a hostess inspired by Martha, a thoughtful hostess or the casual type who throws a party on a spontaneous whim.

Hosting parties can be really stressful, but I don't think that you have to be as talented as Martha to pull off hosting a fantastic party. All you need is to know the some basics tips that have worked time and again.

Tip #1: Plan it well.
Throwing a party does not have to be expensive. Your party can be fun and memorable without being extravagant. The key is in the planning.

To come up with a great a party idea, list down your guest and decide what type of party they will most likely enjoy. If most of your invites are close friends, then it shouldn't be difficult for you to come up with an idea.

But for those with money to burn, big ideas can turn a party into an even more exciting event. Get yourself an event planner that will make your great party ideas happen for you. :

Oh and don't forget to make it clear to your guests if the party will be child friendly or not.

Tip #2: The theme is "comfort".
Making sure your guests are comfortable is a must. If your guests are comfortable you've already won half the battle. Comfortable guests will be able to relax and let loose, paving way for some crazy action and some memorable bonding experiences that will end up as a legendary party story!

If your guest list is composed of a diverse group of people, try to come up with a setting or theme that can work for everyone.

If you can make your guests feel relaxed and comfortable at parties you host, they will always look forward to getting another invite from you.

Tip #3: Don't hesitate to ask help.
The best host knows that he cannot do everything by himself.

If you have the budget, book that classy or trendy venue. Booking a venue instead of hosting party at home would mean less work for you in preparing for the party. The venue sets the mood too, so make sure you book one that you and your guest will really appreciate. Do let your guests know if a strict dress code will be required.

If you have a tight budget, planning to host a party at home can be too tasking. So do ask your close friends for help. But remember to keep the instructions simple. They are also your guests and you do want them to enjoy the party too.

Tip #4: What's a party without good food and booze?
Obviously, it wouldn't hurt if your guests love the food. I'm sure you've been to one or two parties that served some delicious recipe that everyone still talks about whenever the same host sends an invite.

Plus, serving nasty food can earn you a terrible reputation as a host, so make sure that you order or serve decent food.

Adequate flow of drinks will keep the party going. So if you're aiming for that legendary party, make sure that your guests will have enough to drink and nibble on throughout the night.

Tip #5: Keep guests entertained.
Whether you plan to hire a DJ, get a live band or just use your CD collection, just make sure that you have something to entertain your guest. Music is a great tool to keep everyone in party mood. But you can also come up with a program or interactive games.

Just remember not to work too hard in keeping your guests amused, you might get too wrapped up in entertaining that you end up not enjoying your own party.

Tip #6: Guests do pay attention to details.
Even the little details can actually make a difference and guests do notice and appreciate them. So exert a little more effort in making your guests feel special. A great host always comes up with ingenious ways to please the guests.

Whether you decide to splurge or just have a simple and cozy get together with good friends, remember that hosting parties shouldn't be too complicated, just keep in mind these basic hosting tips!

Remember to set a great example - a relaxed host makes for relaxed guests.

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