Organise Your Work Xmas Party

Warning: May Cause Water-cooler Gossip

Organising your workplace Christmas party is quite a task! You're burdened with the responsibility of making a big corporate event a success. Here are some things to consider when planning the event.

Narrow down your needs.
Figure out the most important details of the party. Create a list of possible venues under consideration, the number of people attending (partners too? how about business associates?), will it be formal, casual or family-friendly?
Once you have all the important details jotted down, it'll be easier for you to know where to start and will help you make decisions each step of the way.

Location! Location! Location!
When selecting the perfect venue for your company Christmas party, location really matters. Venues that are near the office are always a good choice and for very practical reasons - using your workplace as the venue however, does not come recommended. Closer venues ensure your workmates have no difficulty getting to the venue, even without a car. Especially if alcohol will be served during the party, most attendees should probably opt to commute and not drive - and by having the party close to your workplace can help encourage this sensible behaviour. If there are no suitable venue that is in close proximity to your office building, choose a location that's highly accessible by public transport (generally somewhere central helps).

Pick a theme or bust out the fancy clothes.
It's always fun to have a theme at work parties. It adds to the excitement and helps shake off any awkwardness of partying away with people you work with every weekday. If your company does not hold parties or any formal occasions throughout the year, the company Christmas party, is a great opportunity for you and your colleagues to dress up nicely. Most ladies (and some of the trendier blokes) will love the chance to dress up if the venue suggests it. If, for example, you select a hotel function room as a venue, you can require a formal dress code. Make sure you include this on the invitations and give people enough notice to get ready for the party! The last thing you want is party poopers complaining about not having enough time to get their tuna costume or favourite tuxedo ready!

Provide a ride home.
If budget permits, arrange to rent out a coach and offer an option for those who wish to take advantage of it or give people some taxi money.

Buffet, cocktails, or sit-down dinner?
Food is vital in the success of your Christmas party. When choosing the menu, make allowances for those who may be allergic to certain types of food or with special dietary requirements. Doing a taste test is advisable too. Nasty food can earn you a bad reputation as an organizer!

Do not overbook the venue.
Select a place that has the capacity to fit everyone, and they can mingle comfortably without stepping on each other's toes. You should also consider a Christmas party venue that has a big enough space for the party entertainment if you're planning on having a performance or dancefloor.

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These tips will hopefully help you put together a fantastic corporate Christmas party. But if your company has dough to spare on hiring a Christmas party organizer, we suggest you get one! It'll take a load off your hands and give you more time to shop for that perfect party outfit...

Updated August 2012

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